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Why WaspKnife?

WaspKnife has witnessed a meteoric rise and is consistently looking out for knife enthusiasts to come up with the best knife guides on the internet.

We at WaspKnife are proudly building the Best Everything-Knife Resource In The World

Open Positions

With Over 15,000+ visitors per month, WaspKnife is one of the leading magazines about knife guides and reviews.

WaspKnife is looking for a passionate writer to create extensive buying guides in the Knives Niche.

We have so much information we want to share with our readers but not enough time to write it all. So we’ve decided that it’s time to bring some writers on board.

If you have the knowledge/experience in this niche, you have an edge over other writers.

Example articles:

Please note that these are just examples of topics you’ll have to write on and not the actual topics.

What we’re looking for in writers

  • Must be a USA native or fluent English speaker
  • Passion for knives. This is an ongoing project if you can write great with reasonable turnarounds (ideally under 7-14 days per article)
  • A bug in you for researching about knives.
  • This won’t be a full-time job. We’ll pay you for the articles you write.
  • You don’t have to be a professional writer, but we do need people who can use correct English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • We want people who can commit to writing two to four (2-4) 2,500-word articles per month and do the research that goes into that.
  • Ability to review the product from the buyers’ perspective.
  • If you have experience writing for a blog, that’s a big plus, but we’re really going to make our decisions based on a sample of your writing.


Good to Have But Not Necessary

  • Good readability and engaging writing.
  • Persuasive writing to make people buy the products
  • Lots of subheadings, short paragraphs and intelligent use of bolds and italics
  • Content that’s easy on the eye and can be scanned quickly is much easier to read
  • Great at research and able to either integrate this into the article or reference to it

General Instructions

All writings will be in first-person (Using I instead of We)

The articles will be checked for plagiarism and uniqueness. You cannot copy-paste sentences from the internet. It should be your original thoughts and creation.

You will be asked to write 2000 words. If I like your work, you’ll be hired for this project and will be given a raise based on your work. 

Please, add “Knife Guy” at the top of your Note to prove that you read this properly. This is to make sure that you read the whole job posting. Notes without these words will be automatically ignored.

We are after persuasive writers but not “spammy” writers – the articles must be original, informative, useful and interesting to our readers.

Each article must have high readability and make sense. If your English is not good PLEASE don’t waste my time or yours. Any article that needs editing or is not readable will be rejected. We will not pay for any rejected posts.

We will own all exclusive rights/copyrights to the completed articles and NOT you after the payment.

In Your Email, Include:

  • A 2,000-word article in .doc or .docx format on any of the below topics
  • Your qualifications and experience in writing product articles if you have any experience in writing articles for SEO and Amazon sites
  • This can become long-term if accepted applicants write good quality articles and meet the deadlines.
  • Price for the job will be determined by your qualifications and experience.
  • NOTE: You must include the sources for all the information you state. Each section should have all the sources you took into consideration while writing it.

This could become a long-term project for the ideal candidate.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

For most of our articles, we target about 2,000 words. For these articles, we will pay 2 cents per word which comes out to about $40 for articles that we publish. As you gain experience writing for WaspKnife you’ll get more flexibility in choosing your own topics and outlining and writing articles as you like. As we move in that direction, your pay will increase.

List Of Topics

  • 11 Best OTF Knives — Complete Buyer’s Guide
  • 9 Best Nakiri Knives — Complete Buyer’s Guide
  • Forged in Fire Knives – Are They Hyped For A Reason?
  • 9 Best Self-Sharpening Knife Sets — Complete Buyer’s Guide
  • Benchmade Infidel Review — Should You Buy It In 2020?
  • 15 Best Chinese Cleaver Reviews — Complete Buyer’s Guide
  • 11 Best Knives for Camping — Complete Buyer’s Guide

How To Apply?

Shoot an email at with the necessary details mentioned in this job listing.

We guarantee that if we choose to use your article for our site, we will pay you for your work.

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