Best Whittling Knives For Beginners

A lot of my website readers (including myself) love whittling and wood-carving our ideas. You need good whittling tools for your materializing your whittling ideas. Last Christmas, I went hiking with my college friend, Nick. He was sitting next to the tent, sculpting a piece of wood. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the best whittling knife … Read more

10 Best Assisted-Opening Knives

Assisted-Opening Knives

Assisted opening knives are all about convenience and speed. Spring Assisted knives were introduced to the market to provide knife enthusiasts with a knife that was quick to deploy, safe to handle, and most importantly – legal in the United States. These assisted knives offer a quick and convenient way to handle your everyday tasks … Read more

7 High Carbon Steel Pocket Knives Reviews

Carbon steel pocket knives are commonly built for rough use where toughness and sturdiness are important. Carbon steel blades are the standard in survival/camping knives and swords. They retain a razor-sharp edge and are relatively easy to re-sharpen. If you need more information on picking up a pocket knife then don’t forget to read our … Read more

10 Best Hunting Knives (Skinning Knives)

Best Overall  5/5 ​ Razor Sharp 420HC Blade Solid Build, Good Design Safe & Secure Grip Premium  5/5 ​ Indestructible Heavy-Duty Great Handle Material Sleek Design Best Value  5/5 KA-BAR Becker BK2​ Built with ergonomics A heavy-duty knife Great For EDT Having shot down the savage beast is only one part of … Read more

21 Best Pocket Knives of 2022 (For EDC!)

Best Pocket Knife For EDC

Picking out the best pocket knife in this day and age can be extremely time-consuming and a huge headache if you don’t know what to look for. In the two decades I have been collecting knives, I have owned close to 1,000 knives. I am still an avid collector, but I have found what works … Read more

10 Best SOG Knives (Folding EDC & Fixed Blades)

The SOG knife brand is synonymous with excellence, rock-solid construction, and out-of-this-world toughness. If you think I am using fanboy words, you should know that SOG knives are the “knife of choice” of the US Navy Seals since 1986. After careful research, I’ve compiled this article on the best SOG knives of . So, if SOG knives … Read more

Best Pocket Knife Brands

Best pocket Knife Brands

People have often emailed me, asking about the best pocket knife brands available. This is a complicated question. The market is flooded with an overwhelming number of good knife makers, both new and established ones. Selecting the right knife brand becomes a daunting task. Hence, after owning close to 1,000 knives, I’m here for your … Read more

Benchmade 940 Series Long-Term Review

Benchmade 940 In Hand

The Benchmade 940 Osborne series is a classic design that is used by millions and has withstood the test of time. With Benchmade’s lifetime warranty there’s a chance this knife will outlast many of its owners. You are probably reading this article because you have heard so much hype surrounding its reputation and reliability.  Its … Read more

7 Best Buck Knives For You

Buck Knives have been known to make robust, classy knives that last a lifetime. Buck Knives have earned a solid reputation among knife aficionados for being built to last, solid as they come and, first and foremost, made in the USA.  Everything began with Hoyt Buck from Kansas and his son Al, who started crafting hand-made knives … Read more

Best Boot Knives For Police & Self-Defense

best boot knife

Best Choice CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Boot Knife Premium Buck 0616BKS OPS BOOT Knife Best Value KA-BAR Becker BK2​ Two is one and one is none- if you don’t have a backup to fall back on, your first mishap might become the last. Backup plans, therefore, are critical to any survival situation. If you were … Read more

Best Knife Sharpeners: Electric, Manual, and System

best knife sharpener

The 60 extra seconds you invest on reading this best knife sharpener guide can make the difference between a great choice or a regret for years. Feel the pain!? You don’t have to!  I am what people call a knife specialist. And I love to impart the knowledge I have on these topics. So let me jump right in … Read more

Best Bushcraft Knives of 2020

Best Bushcraft Knives

The word bushcraft describes the skills associated with wilderness and back country living. These skills have been important to explorers and professional outdoorsmen over the centuries and are still essential in outdoor professions today. Having the best bushcraft knife for your needs is critical. Bushcraft though is also practiced recreationally nowadays thanks to its popularisation … Read more

Best Camping Knives (+Buying Guide!)

Best Camping Knife

One of the most important items in your camping bag is a camping knife. You might need a camping or hiking knife for a number of different reasons but usually, it boils down to normal applications like cutting the cord, moleskin, blisters, and shaving woods for campfires. Whatever be the use-case, having the best camping … Read more

The 5 Best Steak Knives of 2020

best steak knives

A steak knife is a sharp table knife, used for chopping steak. Steak knives often feature serrated blades and wooden handles and are the solely sharp knife generally located at the modern table. And, today we are going to discuss about best steak knives of 2017. Here is the table of best serrated knives for quick reference.  … Read more

Best Pocket Knives For Women (EDC & Self Defense)

It’s a SHAME that knife culture lacks popularity among women. I don’t even get why so!! Instead, it should be other way around – As quoted by my wife! Wait…I know why! It’s because majority of the women spend plenty their time in the kitchen (using knives) and that’s the reason why knife is something doesn’t … Read more

Best Hunting Knives of 2020 (Buying Guide!)

best hunting knives

Having shot down the savage beast is only one part of the hunting game. Skinning and field-dressing the dead animal is how you take back home your freshly harvested meat accompanying the ‘fur trophy’. But that comes with its own set of challenges. Skinning a dead animal is not a walk in the park. You … Read more

Best Folding Knife For Self Defense – (Buying Guide and Reviews!)

Before this article, folding knife for self defense, turns out to be a controversial topic, let’s clear one thing right off the bat – We are not promoting any violence. However, if you’re a regular traveler or likely to visit to the places like like Red China, Iran, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, then you don’t have any … Read more

9 Best Spyderco Knives For You

Best Spyderco Knives

If you’re reading this, you’re in for a real treat, as today I’ll talk about the 9 best Spyderco folding knives you can buy in . To begin with, Spyderco is a top-rated knife company known for manufacturing some of the best gear on the planet. Based in Golden, Colorado, Spyderco has a long history … Read more

Knife Steel Types & Guide

carbon steel knife

Being informed about the best blade material A.K.A. knife steel is critical in selecting the ideal knife for your usage. You should consider the type of steel used in the blade when buying a knife. Being informed about the best blade material A.K.A. knife steel is critical in selecting the ideal knife for your usage. … Read more

Best Kershaw Knives of All-Time

Best Kershaw Knives Of All Time

Best Overall  5/5 ​ Razor Sharp 420HC Blade Solid Build, Good Design Safe & Secure Grip Premium  5/5 ​ Indestructible Heavy-Duty Great Handle Material Sleek Design Best Value  5/5 ​ Great ergonomics A heavy-duty knife Great For EDC Kershaw is among top pocket knife brands. They’ve built their reputation not just on … Read more