Best Whittling Knives For Beginners (2019)

whittling knife

A lot of my website readers (including myself) love whittling and wood-carving our ideas. You need good whittling tools for your materializing your whittling ideas. Last Christmas, I went hiking with my college friend, John. He was sitting next to the tent, sculpting a piece of wood. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the ideal whittling knife … Read more

Best Steak Knives Reviews!

best steak knives

A steak knife is a sharp table knife, used for chopping steak. Steak knives often feature serrated blades and wooden handles and are the solely sharp knife generally located at the modern table. And, today we are going to discuss about best steak knives of 2017. Here is the table of best serrated knives for quick reference.  ​We … Read more

Kershaw Leek Review~ Pros & Cons!

unique pocket knives

 I’ve been collecting pocket knives for a decade now. I’ve purchased hundreds of knives for my EDC collection. Kershaw is one of the my favorite and popular knife brands on the market. Last year, I ordered Spydero Paramilitary 2 and now I want to share my experience with everyone who is looking forward to purchase … Read more