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Best Kershaw Knives of All-Time

Best Kershaw Knives Of All Time

Best Overall  5/5 ​ Razor Sharp 420HC Blade Solid Build, Good Design Safe & Secure Grip Premium  5/5 ​ Indestructible Heavy-Duty Great Handle Material Sleek Design Best Value  5/5 ​ Built with ergonomics A heavy-duty knife Great For EDT Kershaw is among top pocket knife brands. They’ve built their reputation not just … Read more

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10 Best Knife Sharpeners

best knife sharpener

The 60 extra seconds you invest on reading this guide can make the difference between a great choice or a regret for years. Feel the pain!? You don’t have to!  I am what people call a knife specialist. And I love to impart the knowledge I have on these topics. So let me jump right in cuz we don’t have time … Read more

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Best Pocket Knife Brands

People have often emailed me, asking about the best pocket knives brands available. This is a complicated question, answer to which is subject to your requirements. The market is flooded with an overwhelming number of good knife brands, both new and established ones. Selecting the right brand becomes a daunting task. Hence, I’m here for your rescue. A … Read more

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10 Best Assisted-Opening Knives

Assisted opening knives are all about convenience and speed. Spring Assisted knives were introduced to the market to provide knife enthusiasts with a knife that was quick to deploy, safe to handle, and most importantly – legal in the United States. Before we get into the actual topic, lemme introduce myself. My name is Brandon … Read more