7 Best Benchmade Knives Of All Time

best benchmade knives

If you’re looking to buy a high-grade knife, you’ve landed in the right place, because today’s article is about the best Benchmade knives of . If you’re asking yourself what’s up with Benchmade, well, the answer is very straightforward: as a knife aficionado, I consider Benchmade to be one of the best companies in the business; since 1979, they … Read more

Best Whittling Knives For Beginners (UK) 2020

A lot of my website readers (including myself) love whittling and wood-carving our ideas. You need good whittling tools for your materializing your whittling ideas. Last Christmas, I went hiking with my college friend, John. He was sitting next to the tent, sculpting a piece of wood. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the ideal whittling knife … Read more

Best Automatic Pocket Knives For You

Automatic pocket knives are modern pocket knives which were traditionally called switchable pocket knives. These knives. The reason behind the change of the name is Switchblade act of 1958, when it became illegal in the United States for people to carry a switchblade, because gangs began to use it as an dangerous weapon. Unlike Assisted … Read more

Best Fishing Knives + Detailed Buying Guide!

Fishes are delicious. To prepare a good fish you don’t only need cooking skills but you also need a best fishing knife possible. So, if you’re a professional fisherman or even a regular person who is looking for the fillet knife, then you’re at the right place. These fishing knives are based on my experience and … Read more

Best Skinning Knife Reviews — (+Deer Skinning Knives!)

A camping or hunting day is not complete without a good skinning knife. A professional hunter would never set off to the jungle without their skinning knife. Having the best skinning knife is must so that you can skin your wild hunt. We have complied a list of deer skinning knives, so that your next … Read more