10 Best Hunting Knives (Skinning Knives)

Best Overall  5/5 ​ Razor Sharp 420HC Blade Solid Build, Good Design Safe & Secure Grip Premium  5/5 ​ Indestructible Heavy-Duty Great Handle Material Sleek Design Best Value  5/5 KA-BAR Becker BK2​ Built with ergonomics A heavy-duty knife Great For EDT Having shot down the savage beast is only one part of … Read more

Best Automatic Pocket Knives of 2020

Automatic pocket knives are modern pocket knives which were traditionally called switchable pocket knives. These knives. The reason behind the change of the name is Switchblade act of 1958, when it became illegal in the United States for people to carry a switchblade, because gangs began to use it as an dangerous weapon. Unlike Assisted … Read more