The 5 Best Steak Knives of 2020

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A steak knife is a sharp table knife, used for chopping steak. Steak knives often feature serrated blades and wooden handles and are the solely sharp knife generally located at the modern table. And, today we are going to discuss about best steak knives of 2017. Here is the table of best serrated knives for quick reference. 

​We have written a small guide in the article. If you want to know more about steak knives then it will definitely help you out.

ImageModel Blade TypeCheck on Amazon
Premium 8 Piece Steak Knifefull serrated blade Check Price
Victorinox Cutlery full serrated blade Check Price
Dalstrongfull serrated blade Check Price
Zelite Infinity full serrated blade Check Price
knivesWusthof Classic plain edge blade Check Price

How a Steak Knife differs from a kitchen knife?

  • A steak knife is a good looking knife. A kitchen knife is just made for cutting. Whereas, a steak knife looks and feels elegant in the hands. It makes you feel touch it. So, I would rather spend some extra bucks on my knife but will last for a long time, and I’ll feel good every time I’ll see my knife.
  • A steak knife is used on a plate, not on a cutting board. Cutting boards are condoning, but plates are not because it dulls the edge very immediately. It might seem trivial; however, it means the world when picking the proper edge for your knife.

Best Blade Type For Steak Knives?

A steak knife has 3 types of blade: Plain, Serrated, and Micro Serrated. We will discuss about them and what kind of blade is best for you. However, at the end of the day it’s more about personal preferences, so make sure you know what you’re buying and why you’re buying.

  • Plain Edge Blade: It’s a straight edge blade knife. They cut through a steak like a pat of butter, leaving a uniform, nice cut face. This type of blade knife needs to be sharpened often, but they are really easier to sharpen as compared to serrated blade steak knife.
  • Serrated Blade: This is a knife which comes with the serrated edge on the blade which makes it a top choice for steak knives, because it makes a smooth cut through a thick slice of steak, unlike plain edge blade. The serrated edge cuts the meat into insignificantly more rough bites than a sharp straight edge does.
  • Micro Serrated Blade: These knives are hardly an improvement over straight edges and are badly the sign of poor craftsmanship. Exactly like on a straight-edge, the minute serrations dull and fade down quickly. Unlike a straight edge, which can be re-sharpened, there’re only two things you can do with a micro-serrated edge when gone dull: One of them is to discard it in the trash, and the other one is too forbidden to mention here.

What’s the best blade type for your steak knives?

Micro Serrated Edges are just not a right choice for a serrated knife because it has negligible serrations which dull quickly and becomes worthless. These kind of steak knives are not to worth buy as they become like a trash and slices the steak very roughly.

  • Rest two options are up to you:

So, you’re left with serrated and plain edge knives, right? According to chefs, serrated blade knives have the edge over the plain edge knives, because it slices the thick meat/steak very easily and doesn’t touch the plate, not at all.

These blades remain sharp for a longer time, unlike plain edge blades, but, they are tough to resharpen as compared to plain edge knife. However, modern sharpeners sharp the serrated edge blades easily.

5 Best Steak Knives:

You need steak knives set with solid steel, great feel, and excellent looks. If you have had a perfect steak with a great steak knife, then you will never want even to look at a poor one again.

It may be biased, but steak does taste better when you cut it with a good steak knife. I will include the reviews of what I consider to be the real value for good steak knife sets. These knives have different price tags. I’ve listed small budget steak knives to high budget steak knives.

1. Premium 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

​This is an eight-piece set of high-quality steak knives from Kitch’ N Wares. If your budget is very tight, then this steak knife set is for you, because it costs less than 15$.

8-Piece Steak Knife
Check on Amazon

This steak knife has classic good looks and does a high-quality performance for slicing. Plus, this is the best selling steak knife on amazon.

​It comes with a stainless steel blade of full serrated edge. These are lightweight steak knives, apparently sharp. The blade is sharp enough to slice through a thick steak The handles give extraordinary strength, durability, and perform great while cutting the stake.

TRIPLE-RIVETED, ERGONOMIC HANDLES – These Steak Knives are constructed of ergonomically designed handles to guarantee a safe, cushioned Grip, along with the full bolsters to keep fingers a secure distance from the blade.

​Overall, it’s a balanced set of the steak knives, feels good to hold and makes cutting meat a flurry, whereas the simple and beautiful design correlates well with your existing flatware patterns, if you had.

2. Victorinox Cutlery 6-Piece Steak knife set

Victorinox cutlery is the knife which is a choice for professionals, and it consistently earns high accolades in product testing. RH Forschner by Victorinox knives highlight high carbon, stainless steel blades, and hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled artisans.

Blade & Other Dimensions:

Round Tip Steak Knife
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​The knife comes with a logo stamped on the blade and stainless steel blades constructed by exclusive tempering process to help maintain a sharp edge.

A unique tempering method is used to design an edge that can be resharpened over and over again so that the knife can retain its original sharpness during the entire life of the blade.​

The blade doesn’t get much rust from soaking in the dishwasher (all knives are inclined to decay over time, even expensive ones). The sharpness of blade remains like a new knife for a long time, and it’s excellent for carving meat, and the cutting edge pattern works pretty good.​

Handle & Ergonomics

The knife features an ergonomically designed, NSF-approved black polypropylene handle. Despite the fact that cutlery steel is sanitary, but materials and production details of the handle reduce fissures which offer hospitality to the bacteria.

The handles are unfinished rosewood, and the time you will wash them and dry them, it will significantly end with a very rough feel. So, it’s definitely not a dishwasher handle like other wood-made handles.

For regular use, handles are pretty good and feel nice in hand and are easy to grip. It makes pretty strong group while slicing the meat or other kitchen stuff.

Overall, this knife does a great job on meat, and they can be used every day in your kitchen for all the things as a female pocket knife so don’t limit yourself by using it as a steak because it’s an awesome utility knife.

3. DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set 

Dalstrong Steak Knives are designed for kitchen jobs such as slicing meet or cutting fruits and vegetables. It’s an excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, beautiful design parts, and premium elements.

best steak knives
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Blade & Other Dimensions

This set includes 5 steak knives with 5 inches blade size. It’s a tapered blade for elasticity, hardness, and minimal slicing resistance. The blade is made of thyssenKrupp high-carbon German steel blade which is among the best quality steel makers in the knife industry.

The serrated edge of the blade is perfect, and it’s a little round shaped at the top. The back of the blade has an insignificant curvature to it. The serrated edge on the blade is amazingly sharp and slice through flesh without force.​

A delicate still a ruthlessly efficient knife that can surely endure repeated violation acquired after collisions with hard ceramic plates, unlike straight edge blades.​

Handle & Ergonomics

It comes with a premium black Pakkawood handle shipped from the Spain. The spree black pakkawood ergonomic handle is triple-riveted for superior comfort, grip, and maneuverability.

Every handle is embellished with a strong rivet, and the black wood feels soft and incredibly pleasing in hand with fine weight.​

Overall, you’ll have a pleasant experience with this knife, and it might beat your expectations for a knife set.​

4. ZELITE INFINITY Steak Knives Set

ZELITE INFINITY is one of the good looking steak knives. You can impress your guests with its elegant looks. Its extreme performance will make you go crazy for it. Minimum slicing resistance, pleasant Heft & Premium Materials just makes it a real contender for best steak knives.

stainless steel steak knives
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Blade & Other Dimensions 

​The knife comes with a hand polished satin finished full-serrated blade with a rounded tip for protection.

The blade is consist of a premium German steel – This is an imported high carbon stainless steel with a solid hardness of 56. The big serrated edges at 18-degrees don’t need sharpening because the steel ensures long lasting performance!​

The blade is razor sharp, and it cuts without any effort at all. This knife features 5.5-inch long blade and exclusively serrated to cut through your steaks, chicken or some different kind of meat you might have for your meal. The knife overall is about 9.7 inches long.

Handle & Ergonomics

The Zelite Infinity’s handle is made of a G-10 material, full tang, which provides the extra strength, durability, and easy to grip the knife. It’s an ergonomically designed rounded handle to ensure that it makes an excellent grip.

The soft ergonomic handles are strongly fixed to the steel tangs of the knives, which have a pleasant heft to them, weighing 3.9 ounces each.


Zelite is so confident about their knife, and therefore they provide the 100% money back guarantee where no questions will be asked while returning, but who would someone return such awesome steak knife.

5. Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set

This is the best steak knives set with plain edge blade. The set comes with the 6 pieces. This is a high end knife for cutting meat. We can’t boast enough about it’s quality, but its “THE BEST STEAK KNIFE Under 300$.”

steak knives
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Blade & Other Dimensions

Wusthof is the world’s most known knife brand for multi-tools and best pocket knives.

Wusthof steak knives come with a 4-1/2-inch scimitar-like blade which is ideal for meat slicing. It’s a plain edge blade knife with high-quality carbon steel blade which is super sharp to slice the meals.

This 6 piece steak knife set features a super sharp straight edged blade construct from carbon still which doesn’t let the blade rust easily.

Overall it’s an excellent blade knife with an uniform plain edge which can slice the hardest piece of your meat, and it cuts the pieces in uniform shape which you’ll eventually find delightful when meat it proposed on the table.

​Handle & Ergonomics

The handle is made from a highly durable synthetic material polyoxymethylene (POM) which has tighter molecule structure which doesn’t let the color of the handle fade away.

The handle is ergonomically designed with NSF-approved black polypropylene handles which reduce wrist tension.​ It’s a sure-grip handle with a finger guard, a valuable feature because the handle sometimes gets greasy, wet, or both.

The rosewood handle last a a lifetime, however, drowning it in the water will simply dull the wood over the time.​ The handles are thin, but they really make a nice grip.

Blades are super nice, and blades are pretty dishwasher, but we all know carbon steel blades certainly rust, but a quality steel knife just increases the time span of rusting​.