Best Knife Sharpeners: Electric, Manual, and System

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The 60 extra seconds you invest on reading this best knife sharpener guide can make the difference between a great choice or a regret for years. Feel the pain!? You don’t have to! 

I am what people call a knife specialist. And I love to impart the knowledge I have on these topics.

So let me jump right in cuz we don’t have time to waste, now do we?

You have a knife. Probably more than one. But let’s just say one for the sake of it.  And it’s losing its edge. You obviously want it sharp; a blunt knife is a headache for practically anyone using it.

You’re looking for a knife sharpening machine. A tool that can restore the edge of your blades to its former glory; or maybe even sharper.


There are a lot of them. You see one knife sharpening tool/system and in the next moment, you see another one, seemingly better than the previous product. It is so confusing!

Choosing the best knife sharpener can get overwhelming. We know. And that is exactly what this article is all about: HELPING YOU CHOOSE THE BEST ONE for you.

Reviews of The Best Knife Sharpeners

We checked out the most popular knife sharpeners currently on the market and reviewed the ones we think offer the best performance.

Here’s our picks for the Best Knife Sharpeners in 2020.

  1. Cubikook 3-Stage Knife Sharpener – Best to Buy in 2020
  2. Chef’sChoice XV Professional – Best Electric Sharpener
  3. Work Sharp WSKTS-W – Best Knife Sharpening System
  4. Sharp Pebble Premium – Best Sharpening Stone
  5. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Multifunction – Best Pocket Knife Sharpener
  6. Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone – Best Manual Knife Sharpener
  7. Utopia Kitchen 10 Inch Steel – Best Honing Steel
  8. Grocery Art Electric 3-in-1 – Best Electric Knife Sharpener Runner-up
  9. WEN 4270 10-Inch Two-Direction -Best for Heavy Duty
  10. Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable – Best for Serrated Blades

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Work Sharp WSSAKO81112

Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener

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With its fierce look, this Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener puts a razor sharp edge on possibly any knife you can think of.

This is the best seller in its category for a very good reason: It does what it says it does…Very very effectively.

You will be amazed on how it transforms even that blunt old blade into something that is sharper than the one you just bought yesterday.

Variable speed heavy duty motor in this machine provides power and the option of slow speed honing to high-speed grinding.

Adjustable Sharpening guide present provides precise and repeatable results every time with no setup required whatsoever.

Isn’t that just wonderful? Yes, it is! Now go out there and get one for yourself right now! You will thank me later.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

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Ask chefs and knife collectors all around the world ‘which is the best electric knife sharpener?’ They will probably point to this right here!

This Chefs Choice knife sharpener is very well known to make your blades SCARY SHARP. And we are not even exaggerating. If something like this costs around 150$, you know it has something to offer than the others can’t.

It features a 3-Stage EdgeSelect system for optimum versatility in providing your blades the perfect razor sharp edge. Stage 1 is all Diamond abrasives. It creates extremely fine ‘micro-grooves’ on both sides of the edge. These grooves are responsible for giving knives the ‘bite’ when cutting fibrous food items. Stage 2 consists of even finer Diamond abrasives that create even finer ‘micro-grooves’. Stage 3 is much like barber strop that we will talk about at the end of the article.

Abrasive stropping disk system in this stage results in knives with a non-serrated ultra-sharp edge that is ini smoother.

This sharpener creates a 15° edge angle per side on all knives, whether they be Asian, European or American made. It makes two upper bezels about the cutting edge. These add robustness to the narrow angled cutting edge so the blade stays sharp for a very long time. 100% diamonds and top-notch stropping stage further adds to the value.

Chef’s Choice 0130508

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Sharpening Station

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This is the total package when it comes to knife sharpening. It’s a flexible tool that can sharpen both straight or serrated, hunting, sports and tactical knives. It comes with three stages:

  1. 100% diamond cutter.
  2. A hardened steel that will help develop the ultra-sharp edge
  3. Probably the most underestimated part of knife sharpening, it’s made of a disk that polishes the edge to give it a hair-splitting sharpness.

This is a fool-proof tool that will give you the perfect angle to sharpening your knives every time. This is what one satisfied customer said, “Well built, very easy to use and does a really great job sharpening all kinds of knives.”

Chef’s Choice 120

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage

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The second sharpener from Chef’s Choice? Oh yes indeed. The experts at WaspKnife just couldn’t help but include this one, too.  They are just all so good, to be honest. The abundance of positive reviews and ratings speak for themselves. This is the younger brother of the sharpener we talked about earlier. But equally efficient nonetheless.

A tool is not all about the bells and whistles, right?

Sometimes it is all about the raw power and sheer performance. The 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener symbolizes exactly that. Now let us tell you why do we love this so much. This model works beautifully with all kinds of knives: straight-edge and serrated blades. And it is the serrations that really get altered by this product.

It Reshapes and realigns distorted serrated teeth, sharpens and polishes each serration and ensures a  ‘Better-than-factory’ execution. This sharpener is unbelievably fast and comes with a three-year household warranty. You would definitely not want to miss out on this one.

Presto 08810

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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Presto is a well-known brand in the industry, and this electric knife sharpener defines precision and functionality.  Let us talk about the most prominent features of this product. It is 3 stage sharpening system.The first stage is for knives that need a new edge.For most knives that are already pretty sharp, stages 2 and 3 is all it takes to give an impressive edge on the worked blades.

But after using this product for a long time, you realize that If your knife only requires a bit of fine honing similar to what a sharpening steel would do, then a couple of passes through stage 3 is all that’s needed. The whole tool is that efficient in restoring dull blades to razor sharpness. As it is fully automated, you need not worry about your skills as the angles are pre-set.

That is, the blade guides automatically hold the knife at the perfect sharpening angle ensuring no bits of it are left behind.

Presto 08800

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

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If you are on a tight budget but want to invest on Presto knife sharpener,  the 08800 EverSharp model is the right one for you. A modest Two-stage sharpening system quickly and conveniently sharpens any non-serrated blade. It uses the assistance of Sapphirite sharpening wheels to create razor sharp edge in seconds. Sapphirite happens to be the ultra-hard material used by professional shops nowadays and it is no wonder why.

This is a marvelous little gem and it will probably be the best $20 you’d ever spent. Whatever kind of knife you could possibly imagine, this little bad boy can put an edge on them that is crazy super sharp. As with every other electric knife sharpener in this list, it also boasts a blade guiding system that holds the knife at the ideal sharpening angle for each side of the blade.

Another feature included are the three suction cups on the bottom side that securely attaches the machine on a table or countertop and two receptacles underneath to collect metal filings for disposal. Bottomline: A tool that is worth every penny.

LINKYO’s Knife Sharpener

LINKYO Knife Sharpener

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Do not think of this as an inferior tool just because it is a two stage electric sharpener. Over 1100 people on Amazon have left their reviews saying otherwise. And it is true. This machine is capable of sharpening kitchen knives, survival knives, tactical knives, pocket knives, martial art weapons, throwing blades and even daggers.

Isn’t something to appreciate when once a while a product remains valid to its advertisement rhetoric?

LINKYO knife sharpener is powerful, well made and truly works. As long as your knife is straight edge, it will make them ultra sharp. Now, talking about the safety aspect of this deal. You may not worry about working this product as there are automatic blade positioning guides that will hold your knife in the correct position, while the heavy-duty non-slip suction cup underneath the device keeps the sharpener from slipping on your countertop during use.

The ‘mess-free receptacles’ present with easy-to-remove plugs catch the metal shards and filings.

Best Manual Knife Sharpeners:

KitchenIQ 50009

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip

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The Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener is an adorable little tool, but don’t let its small size fool you!

At this price range, it is one of the most effective knife sharpeners out there. This six dollar product includes a coarse sharpening slot which consists of carbide blades that effortlessly sharpens blunt knives in a jiffy.

This lightweight tool also features an ‘Edge Grip Bottom’, which basically means that the bottom of the device is made in such that it can rest on the edge of the table/counter-top.

This simple yet brilliant design prevents drags that might occur when you sharpen your blades, thus averting damages to the counter-top or to the knives. Pretty neat, huh?

The product is ‘Best Seller’ in Cutlery & Knife Accessories section on Amazon. And for a good reason. So, go ahead and pick up one of these, won’t burn a whole in your wallet but definitely will bring a satisfactory grin on your face.

PriorityChef’s Sharpener

PriorityChef 2 Stage Sharpening Wheel System

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Now, if you are looking for something bigger and sturdier, this is for you. It is a preferred choice of professionals throughout the globe and is one of the best knife sharpening devices out there.

It features a 2 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System which is exactly what it sounds like, powerful and fierce. The first stage of sharpening consist of a diamond coated sharpening wheel which does the ‘coarse sharpening.

The second stage, the ceramic wheel, does the honing of your blade. In short, this tool leaves your blade sharper than ever. A sharpness that will last.

Speaking about the ergonomics and ease of use of this product, it comes with a non-slip cushion underneath which makes sure that your kit stays in place while you work your blades.

It also includes a big, strong handlebar that will aid you in the process as well. This is a must-have diamond knife sharpener and is something we, at, highly recommend.

PreciSHARP 3

PreciSharp 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

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PreciSharp’s 3-Stage Knife Sharpener is something to marvel at. As the name of this delightful product suggests, it has got three-stage sharpening system, pretty neat, huh?  

So you can choose from ceramic, coarse or fine. Three options.

The first slot consists of rods which are designed to sharpen ceramic knives. So this product can very well be considered as a good ceramic knife sharpener.

The second slot is for coarse sharpening that will transform any blunt knife into its sharpest version.

The third slot is for honing the knives, ie., moving the blade to its proper place for effectiveness.

Further interesting features include the ability to sharpens kitchen, hunting and survival knives; Rubber feet which won’t mar countertop and solid ABS plastic. All of which makes this a worthy tool in your kitchen arsenal. Highly recommended. Go grab one!

Wüsthof 2922

Wüsthof – 2-Stage Hand-Held Sharpener

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Do you have knives of multiple brands in your kitchen? If so, I bet you got one of Wüsthof’s in your collection.

You never can go wrong with a product of theirs. Chefs all around the world favor their knives. But knives aren’t the only products they manufacture. They also make manual knife sharpeners. And this one here is a pretty good deal!

Wusthof knife sharpener defines quality. And this specific model is an all-time favorite of customers all around the world. Now, let us talk about the product for a bit, shall we?

We are looking at a brilliant 2 Stage Hand-Held knife sharpener with strong carbide steel blades for a coarse sharpening stage and super fine ceramic rods for the honing stage.

It doesn’t matter what you throw at it. Extremely blunt knives, old good-for-nothing blades, you name it! A few right strokes are all it takes for it to spit out a blade so sharp, you’ll be left in awe!

WorkSharp’s WSGFS221

Work Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener

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Looking at the picture, something is pretty evident. This tool is unlike any other in this list of the best manual knife sharpeners.

WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener is one of a kind. And is exactly why it has a ‘best-seller’ tag on it. Customers love it, the pros love it, almost everyone loves it. We, here at also love it!

Let us see precisely why this product is worth all the praise it gets.

Diamond Plates, ceramic Rods, a great leather Strop, sharpening guides and extremely handy grips are what this magnificent tool consists of. You just can’t ask for me.

This is a field sharpener and can sharpen almost anything. 

But you can jolly well use this in your home to sharpen all your blunt knives. So trust the rating, have faith in our words and immerse yourself in the plethora of  feedback by happy, satisfied customers because this product has everything you need to totally re-profile a blade and bring it to its previous state of razor sharpness!

AnySharp’s Sharpener

Anysharp Global Knife Sharpener With PowerGrip

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Don’t let the cute looks fool you, this Anysharp knife sharpener is one of the best tools out there. Let us see why.

With a few good strokes, this tiny device can make your knives sharper than when you bought them.  A peculiar yet highly useful feature of this product is its ‘PowerGrip suction cup base’, which attaches the sharpener to your table or worktop which aids you in the sharpening process.

Once it’s attached, sharpening the knives will be very easy as it won’t require both your hands, thus decreasing any risks while working, too.

The product also features tungsten carbide technology that extends the life of almost any knife you can throw at it. Another thing to look forward is this product’s portability.

It is super lightweight and can be easily tidied away in a drawer, cupboard, or a tool box when not in use. So go on and get this small yet effective machine; your knives will thank you for it and perform their tasks with more zeal.

Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners:

Smith’s PP1

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

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This cute little multifunction sharpener has all you need to sharpen and maintain anything you could possibly imagine.

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal is something everyone should have, right in their pockets! Smith’s knife sharpener is fully capable of quickly restoring any of your dull blades into its former razor sharp gloriousness.

Fitted with pre-set crossed carbide and ceramic stones, and a retractable diamond-coated rod, it is ideal for hikers, hunters, and fishermen, all alike.

Carbides give the blade a honed structure whereas the ceramic stones sharpen the blade.The diamond coated rod, stated earlier, is a perfect tool for sharpening fish hooks and serrated edges of knives.  And the best part about this is, you can carry it where every you go, right in your pocket! All this functionality in a one-ounce body! you just can’t ask for more.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

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This 9-dollar product is very similar to the previous one in our list. But with subtle changes, of course, changes that might make you sway a bit towards it. So let us see!

This easy-to-use versatile sharpener includes Diamon Tapered Rod for effective Reconditioning, ceramic and carbide rods for sharpening that lasts. BladeMedic works on ordinary blades but its specialty is serrated blades.

This small tool is specially designed to sharpen  blades with serrations, and you will know of its capability once you use it.

Working Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is very simple. A few strokes in the carbide slot and then a few in the ceramic slot is all you need to do. And if used correctly, the diamond rod can work wonders on your serrated blades. And as for the subtle changes I mentioned earlier, the pocket knife sharpener is made of metal, which renders it a bit heavier thus making it more study as well.

Taking about the size in comparison, Lansky’s blademedic is a bit larger than Smith’s pocket pal. That also means the diamond rod included will be longer, which is definitely a good thing. So do give this tool a try. A tool that fits in your pocket, perfectly and sharpens your blades, perfectly.

Best Knife Sharpening Systems:

Goplus Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Goplus® Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System

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Goplus eased out headache by making this amazing knife sharpening system.

The package consist of a fixed-angle sharpening frame, 1 metal pen, cleaning cloth, a bottle of honing oil, instruction manual, carry bag and most importantly: the four sharpening stones. The stones are of grit 180#, 400#, 800#, 1500#. 

A high-quality setup and a great bargain at $20. Go grab your’s today. Sharpen any knife you want! oh , and don’t forget to read the instruction manual!

Lansky Deluxe 5

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

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This is an ideal for smaller knives.

There are four different degree guides at 10, 20, 25, and 30. The color coded stones have great ergonomics with the finger-grooved.

There are five different hones of coarseness: extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine alumnia oxide and extra-fine ceramic hones.

AGPtek Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener

AGPtek Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System

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This sharpener system gets the job done at the bargain price.

It comes with four different stones (different level of grits) and two solid suction cup for stability.

There’s nothing that shouts fancy or superior innovations, but if you’re in the market for something cheap, this is one will keep your knives razor sharp and ready to cut.



Before going to the knife sharpening reviews and techniques, allow me quickly shed some light on how exactly do the razor sharp blades get dull.

(I am what people call a ‘mad knife lover.’ I love knives! So pardon me if I get too excited!)

So, everything has to do with the property of abrasion, which is a process of wearing away of a surface by what we call friction.

As we all know, the force of friction acts between all moving bodies, which are in contact with one another. So when cutting stuff with your blade, it is in contact with other bodies such as vegetables. Upon slicing these vegetables, the surface of knife and surface of veggies wear off on each other.

So, the edge of a blade gets microscopically deformed and eroded over time. Also, keep in mind that the metal of the blade can be etched by the acidic substances in the food items we slice. And the result? A blunt blade that can’t dice even a tomato properly.

See the image below to further understand the process.

knife sharpening process

So what makes it razor sharp.. again?

There are precisely 3 steps when it comes to restoring a blade’s edge to its former glory.

Steps To Sharpen Any Knife

  1. Sharpening: removing extra material from the blade to form a new sharper edge.
  2. Straightening or Honing: straightening the existing edge of the blade to make it more efficient.
  3. Polishing or Stropping: giving a mirror finish, without notably altering the edge.

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Knife Sharpener

There are two broad categories of knife sharpeners: – 

  • The manual ones and
  • Their electric counterparts

SO this raises another question. Which one should you buy? Electric or manual?

It depends on what you want. Let us break it down. Very quickly.

Manual Knife Sharpeners

A manual one would give you more control over the whole process.

Manual sharpeners are simple to use and usually, have two wheels that intersect and rotate when a knife is inserted, creating an angle for sharpening the edge.

  • The downside is that they are much slower than their electric counterparts. Plus, they can not sharpen ALL kinds of knives.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

The electric ones give you faster results in an easier and convenient way.

We say easy because the only skill the user requires to operate these is that of being able to turn the machine on and off.

Electric sharpeners have what they call “sharpening stages” which is something the manual ones do not have.

The downsides of an electric knife sharpener are:

  • They are not VERY safe to use. Any manual sharpener could be considered more ‘risk-free,’ even when if it is compared to best electric knife sharpener out there as they tend to heat up the metal in the blade which damages the material over time.


I hope you got a rough idea about what these two kinds of sharpeners are. Both are great, but with their own flaws and setbacks.

Besides from the manual and electric sharpeners, in the first category, we’ve put together some sharpening stones, pocket knife sharpeners, and knife sharpening systems.

As for the second category, we would be looking at products that we can use for honing our knives: Steel rods.

And as for the last process, ‘the stropping’, we will be looking at the best leather strops available in the market right now.

Remember: Stropping makes sure that your blade STAYS SHARP and clean. It is very essential for the longevity of your knife and is something we, at WaspKnife, would never under-emphasize.