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Best Boot Knives For Police & Defense in 2019!

For an outdoor person, having a boot knife is important. It's a secret weapon which you can hide from everyone, and if you get trapped in a dangerous situation, then you can simply pull up your best boot knife, and get ready to scare the shit out of your opponent — outta nowhere!

According to the Wikipedia, A boot knife or a gambler's dagger is a small fixed-blade knife that is designed to be carried in or on a boot.

Typically, such a knife is worn on a belt or under a pant leg. If worn around the neck they become a neck knife. Boot knives generally come with a sheath that includes some form of a clip. Most have double-edged blades, like a dagger, that range from 3 to 7 inches.

There are certain knives available online, and finding the best boot knife for you could become a headache. You can opt for an expensive boot knife or inexpensive boot knife​, so here we have listed best boot knives built with quality material. So, here we have listed a table of knife having all sort of boot knives with varying price. Don't expect ​all the knives to be perfect, but they are good enough to get the work done.

TOP 5 Five Best boot knives:

Below, take a look at the table below to compare a variety of boot knives against one another based on price, size, blade material and more:

smith-wessonSmith & Wesson 4.473 inchesstainless steel Check Price
crkt-boot-knifeColumbia River Knife3.19 inches1050 carbon steel Check Price
gerber-boot-knifeGerber Ghoststrike 3.3 inches 420HC steel Check Price
buck-boot-knifeBuck 0616BKS3 inches154CM Steel Check Price
best boot knifeBenchmade Dagger3.2 inches440C stainless steel Check Price

1. The Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 

  • Pros: Inexpensive boot knife. Nice blade and handle, and knife from a well reputable brand.
  • Cons: Handle's size is a little small. Blade isn't built for hard work.

The SWHRT9B was launched on October 2, 2001, and since then it has been sold thousands of time. If your budget is somewhat near to "No," then this boot knife is best for you, but don't think that if it is an inexpensive, then it's just a crap- it's a good quality boot knife.

Blade & Other Dimensions: The overall length of​ the knife is 8.843 inches whereas blade length is 4.473 inches. This boot knife comes with a coated stainless steel blade. The blade is double-edged which makes the knife sharp and strong enough to perform the simple tasks. It comes with a leather boot sheath with pocket clip. At this price range you're getting a quality blade. It's an excellent Smith & Wesson boot knife for limited budget people.

Handle Stability and Durability: The handle is small, but makes a good grip in the hands. It's a black aluminium handle and gives rubberized sandpaper feeling in the handle. 

The knife comes with a quality leather sheath that secures/hooks up to the boot with the help of a clip.​ The sheath is pretty solid, thick, and well made.

It's a quality tested knife and ensured for the maximum durability. The ransom mechanism is excellent and effective as well, just a quick touch and the strap that grip the knife in place is opened up and set for you to pull the knife into the action.

2. Columbia River

  • Pros: Excellent blade for safety with a nice handle. So good for its price. Easy accessible in any situation.
  • Cons: Sheath absolutely sucks for everyday carry.

​It's a fixed blade tactical boot knife highlighting two edges and one solid piece of hot forged steel, and it knows its place—clipped to your boot. The knife is constructed by A.G. Russell of Rogers - one of the best inventors of modern knives.

Blade & Other Dimensions: The knife features a full tang blade, unyielding for heavy duty uses. The blade holds up to piercing, scraping and prying with strong materials. The overall length of the blade is 6-1/4" and weighs about just 2.5 oz.​

​The blade is double edged and comes sharp out of the box. The blade is entirely power coated; therefore, the only cutting edge is exposed which reduces the chances of blade getting rust. 

The blade is super strong and meant for hard, but make sure you keep the edge sharp to maintain long lasting performance.​

Handle, Stability, and Durability: ​The handle of the knife is excellent, and it has super ergonomics. It's perfectly shaped to fit your bare or gloved hands. Notice its balance, heft, and thumb detents for grip.

There’s also a large string hole on the handle so you can use it with a wrist lanyard, either carry it as a neck knife. When it comes to protection, this blade means the business.

The knife comes with straps so that you can carry it as a boot knife. However, straps can be removed, and it can be belt carried. Since, it's a real steel made knife; therefore it's super durable and strong.​

3. Gerber Ghoststrike 

  • Pros: Sharp Blade, Quality Steel. Specially constructed boot knife, and inexpensive.
  • Cons: Sheath could have been better since it dulls the knife.

The Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Kit comes with an ankle-mounted sheath which you can wear with either a low-cut shoe or a boot. The sheath attaches to a thin neoprene ankle wrap that lies adequately on the wearer's leg for hours on end.

Blade & Other Dimensions: The overall length of knife is 6.9 inches and features a 3.3 inches blade. Its size is specially built for a boot knife which makes it the a good boot knife, to be precise. It's has an ultralight full tang blade which is not made for abuse, but it can wear abuse to a small extent.

This knife is great for an EDC knife, and for self defense. Gerber made a low profile knife, and this knife can be worn without making a profile against your outer clothing. The blade is constructed of ​420HC steel with a black ceramic coating that makes it corrosion resistance. 

Handle, Stability, and Durability: Ghoststrike features a rubberized diamond texture handle for enhanced grip. It feels good to grip this knife because of the rubberized texture in the handle.

​The diamond texture makes the grip even better. The handle makes a good grip even in the wet conditions. Ghoststrike  comes with a modular sheath system for open or concealed carry. Also, the sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a belt.

It's a good military boot knife that you can purchase for around 50$ - A good deal. Its blade is stable and durable, but it's not made for hard work.

4. Buck 0616BKS Ops 

  • Pros: Sharp Blade, Quality Steel. Specially constructed boot knife and awesome quality handle
  • Cons: Sheath could have been better since it dulls the knife.

The Buck Ops Boot Knife is designed for easy accessibility in the desperate situations. It's a lightweight knife, weighs 2.5 oz, and design combined with the inches tanto style blade. The heavy duty handle creates a high-performance knife for the field.

Blade & Other Dimensions: It's a 3 inches Tanto Blade constructed from the 154CM Steel which holds an outstanding edge retention, high corrosion resistance and can be used for heavy cutting purposes.​

It comes with a full tang blade, unyielding for heavy duty application. The blade is razor-sharp and can easily scare the shit out of your opponent.​

Knife fits in adequately to the black polypropylene and leather sheath. You can carry it in your boot, and around your neck, or on your belt, horizontally or vertically. The sheath is very versatile, overall.​

Handle, Durability, and Stability: The handle of the knife is consist of G-10 material. G-10 handles are one of the best handles in the market. We are a big fan of G-10 handles because they are extra strong and G-10 handles makes super good and comfortable grip.

You can easily access it in tough situations. The combo of strong and quality blade along G-10 handle makes it the best boot knife. However, it has a minus point that we have mentioned in the cons section.​ Overall, it's super durable and stable knife because of quality material being used for making the knife.​

5. Benchmade Socp Dagger Boot Knife

  • Pros: Razor sharp Blade with quality Steel. It comes with a finger ring handle.
  • Cons: Blade is not easy to sharpen.

Benchmade is one of the best brands out in the knife's industry. Benchmade socp is one of the best boot knives and in case you don't like Buck 0616 BKS, then this is the best alternative to it. And, this is one of the gorgeous boot knives at a reasonable price.

Blade & Other Dimensions: It's an optimal blade for self-defense that allows the owner to maintain the dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down the knife.

The size of the blade is 3.2 inches and constructed of 440C stainless steel. The blade is razor sharp and it's good for  self-defense.  It holds the edge retention very well. Benchmade SOCP Dagger is an excellent addition to any tactical rig or outdoor gear rig, and hiking backpack, etc.​

Handle & Durability of the knife: Dagger comes with a black coated handle with a finger ring. The finger ring at the end of the handle helps to hold the knife with either hand. The quality of sheath is good, and it comes with the warranty, resharpening program, and with training will do what it is precisely designed for, i.e., self-defense.​

However, if you're carrying a gun or any other tool along with you, then it could be hard to pull out the knife. The blade is sharp, but it takes time to resharpen the edges of the blade. If you're looking for a hardcore blade knife that you can use as a boot knife and belt knife, then this is a go-to knife without any doubts. It's my pick for best boot knife under 100$.

Wrapping it Up!

Boot knives are pretty different knives as compared to other knives. These knives are built for self-protection. Make sure you go for the fixed blade knife only, not any other blade. Boot knives' blades are generally double edge and make sure they are sharp and have a sharp tip on the blade for self protection.

The size of the boot knife is also a consideration. You need a medium or small size knife that can fit with your boots. If size is big, then will become a problem. The size​ of 5 inches is kind of perfect, but it can vary accordingly. The small size ensures that it sticks to your boot.

The other thing that you need to take care off is the sheath. Make sure the sheath is of good quality at least not bad, because you'll be carrying it near to your skin, so you need to be confident about it.

​The shape and elements of the handle are also critical. A boot knife is kept closed to the skin, and you do not want wouldn't like the material that is too rough; though the handle still needs to allow for a nice and secure grip.

We have taken care of all the aspects, but still, if you want to buy any another boot knife for you, then make sure you keep these factors in your mind. When you're picking a knife, make sure you read the reviews of the particular model to see what consumers have stated regarding the variety and quality of the handle.

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Boot Knife Guide

​Wear your boots and push your knife into one of the boots. The knife should be on the on the strong side of your body. For example, a right-handed person might want to place his knife on the right boots, right? Therefore, it’s absolute for a lefty to include his knife on the left boots, acknowledging it’s his stronger side.

Sticking to your dominant side will mean a trustworthy, extra comfortable, and excellent knife draws. A Right-Handed person and having to pull a knife on his/her left side, just think about it, AWFUL! It’s difficult to implant your knife on the boot’s inner side since you will have trouble in pulling it out and inserting it again.​

Ultimately, take a piece of durable string. Utilizing that string, bind the exposed sheath to your calf then locate the midpoint of the line on the flat edge region of the sheath. Lastly, cover the sheath in two to three shifts and also bind it into your calf two to three turns then tie it in place.​