Benchmade 940 Long-Term Review

Benchmade 940-2 Osborne Review

Price: $159.78

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Benchmade 940-2 Osborne is one of the most popular EDC Knives. This series took the market by storm with its appealing features, size, design, and quality of material used.

Manufacturer: Benchmade

Shipping Weight: 2.6 ounces

Origin: USA

Blade Length: 3.4 inches

Overall Length/Closed Length: 7.87 inches, 4.47 inches

Last Updated: 22nd September 2020

There is always an “X-Factor” for this knife. From basic to all the qualities of a high-quality EDC knife; It checks all the boxes.

This is one of the kinds of knives which you buy once, and it’s forever; unless you don’t lose it. It’s a gem!

The blade design is nothing less than extraordinary.

Brief Overview

Designed by Warren Osborne, the Benchmade 940 is an excellent EDC knife. This is a flawless model that can be an excellent investment. Benchmade is a pretty popular company that’s well-known for producing high-quality models from premium materials. A great example of this is the Benchmade 940 pocket knife for everyday carry.

It comes with a suite of unique features such as unconventional blade shape and good-looking handle for a comfortable grip. The classic design will make you feel proud to carry it around. I found myself carrying it more often than other knives as it can be used for a wide range of purposes. This particular knife has passed the Benchmade 940 hard use test successfully.

However, this knife isn’t cheap, but fairly priced since it’s made in the USA using premium materials.

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The Blade: Benchmade 940-2 Osborne

Handle and the Blade is always the biggest selling point in Benchmade knives. I’ve never seen them compromise on these two factors. The Benchmade 940 red handle is designed out of Anodized Aluminum. The coating of the stainless-steel liner increases the durability and toughness. The high-quality grip aids in holding the knife comfortably; especially in heavy-duty slicing and cutting.

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The Handle: Benchmade 940-2 Osborne

Now, let’s talk a bit about the handle of Benchmade 940. It features a reverse tanto design, designed by Warren Osborne. The blade is made out of S30V premium stainless steel, which is one of the best knife steels in quality-wise. It can easily hold an edge remarkably well and sharpened easily. It has an interesting blade shape design to tackle your tasks effortlessly. 

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The Best Features Of Benchmade 940-2 Osborne

Now let’s analyze the Benchmade 940 in more detail. It features an AXIS locking technology with an ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener. This provides a quick flip and which helps in one-handed deployment.

The excellent AXIS blade employment mechanism makes the closing one-handed much easier. The deployment of the Benchmade 940 model is extremely smooth and fast as you’d expect.

The design is the best thing about Benchmade knives. 

The knife’s width, weight, and length are ideal for everyday use. It can cut almost anything from Aluminum to Nylon Rope. I carry it with me almost everywhere; on camping or hunting. It’s a better alternative to the 556 Mini Griptilian knife that I reviewed in another article.

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Benchmade 940 Knife The Good & The Bad






Bottom Line




Overall, the Benchmade 940 pocket knife is an excellent utility that one should carry. It’s one of the best models available in the market today. Benchmade as a company always provides difficult-to-beat products for its consumers.

Besides the premium price, I don’t find any reason for not recommending it. I think it’s a worthy contender for the best pocket knife for everyday carry. It’s simply more than a normal knife and very close to the ideal tactical EDC knife. 

Thanks for checking out my review of the Benchmade 940 and 940-2 review. Do let me know which one you end up buying. All the best with your selection!




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